The Power Bill

I got an email from the power company that my gas and electric use is up over last winter. If I can lower my usage down to last winter’s level, I’ll get 10% off my next power bill, get below that threshold, 20%. Now that I think about it, I can see how I’m using more energy. I’m cooking more, including baking my own bread & boiling beans from scratch. Last winter, I got ready at the gym almost every day, so more use of hot water in the mornings. I’ve had friends over more often and spent quite a few days home sick, so more bumping the thermostat up. I also hung Christmas lights outside, which while not huge, can add to a bill. So, I’m making a list of things I can do to cut back on my energy usage, save money & be good to the environment, a win-win scenario.

  • Go to the gym & shower there 3 days/week
  • Take shorter showers, rather than waiting for all the hot water to run out
  • Finally wrap my hot water heater in the insulating blanket I bought
  • Only keep lights on in rooms I’m using
  • Replace dead light bulbs with compact flourescent bulbs
  • Put tv, computer & modem on power strips, since even when “off” these things use energy
  • Only use tv or computer at a time, they’re in different rooms, and it’s not like I’m actually multitasking
  • Only raise the thermostat when friends are over, otherwise, resort to more layers, fingerless gloves & throw blankets
  • Be more efficient with oven usage: bake bread while I’m roasting squash, etc

Anybody have any more ideas for what I can be doing?


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