Another Student Discount

I’m a bit of a news junkie and consider the NY Times to be a top notched, balanced source of information. I’m sure there are work arounds, but I don’t mind paying for unlimited access to their website. The other day I was poking around and saw that they offer a college discount to students, staff and faculty. Sweet!

First, in order to prove my academic association, I had to change the email on my account from my personal email to my student account. Easy enough. Then, I went to sign up for the academic discount. Except, I managed to freeze my account somehow. Called the Times, everybody’s account was frozen, try again tomorrow.

The next day, I try again, and my account is still frozen. Call one more time, get the account unfrozen. While on the phone, the customer service rep told me I had to first cancel my current subscription, then I could sign up again. No problem.

Cancel subscription, register for the college rate: check and check. They send me a confirmation email, except my .edu account went down. After a few emails back and forth with the help desk, using my “old” personal account, we sorted out the problem. An hour or so of work to save a few bucks, but hey, I’ve got more time than money.

Now I want to find out what else I can get a student discount on! Anybody have any ideas?

Monthly savings: $7.50

Total monthly savings: $33.74


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