The Transportation Experiment

I don’t actually live in the same town as where I go to school. I live in a much cheaper town, about 15 miles away. 5 days a week I drive 20 minutes, park near a friends house and take a 10 minute walk to my office. On days when I have classes or meetings across campus, which often ends up being everyday, I load my bike onto the back of my car, then bike around campus all day.

While my car is fairly fuel efficient (~30 miles to the gallon), my gas budget is $125 a month, and I know I can do better. The regional bus system has a depot a mile or two from my house and there’s a bus that goes right by campus. As a student, I can ride this bus for free. So, today I loaded my bike onto my car, drove to the bus depot (I know, lazy, but it was cold), caught a bus with said bike, got off at campus and biked over to my office. Total time? 45 minutes.

There will still be days when I have plans or need to run errands after work, or when I just feel lazy. But, I figure if I ride the bus at least 3 days a week, I can save at least $50 in gas. Plus, I get to be more environmentally friendly, which appeals to the hippie in me.

Planned monthly savings: $50


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