It Actually Works

I’ve been told by several friends that they called their internet provider after their special introductory rate was over, that they simply called up and asked for a discount. However, I’m not exactly what you would call an authoritative person on the phone. In fact, you might compare me to Minnie Mouse if you happened to hear me speak. Heck, I can’t even stand to listen to my own outgoing voice mail message.

But, I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained and bit the bullet today. I called up my DSL provider and after the interminable phone tree (“Press 9 if you would like to stab a representative’s eyeballs out,”) I hung out on hold for 15 minutes. Every time I’d start to tune out that lovely jazz music, I was informed that my call was important to them and to please stay on the line. Right when I was seriously considering going back and pressing 9, an actual human answered the phone! I explained to her that I was a full time student with no outside support, and that $43 a month was really straining my budget. Was there anything she could do to help me out? She then listed for me all their current specials, let me pick which one sounded best, and assured me when that deal was up, I could call back and see what other specials were available. She took approximately 30 seconds to confirm with her supervisor, and then I was set up with half off for 6 months. Woohoo! No negotiating necessary or need to lower my voice into the normal human range.

Monthly savings: $21.50

Total monthly savings: $26.24


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