The Mission Statement

Not surprisingly, I’m a grad student and I’m on a budget! After finish my undergraduate degree, I went to work and got accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle: free time, spending money. I certainly wasn’t lavish, but I rarely said no to evenings out with friends or the chance to travel, and never bothered to put much into savings.

Then I went back to school, and managed to run through all of my savings in the first year alone. While I thought about cutting back, it was hard to change habits. In early summer 2011, I realized most of my savings account was gone. Then, in the last 6 months, my aging car decided to break down a few times, I had some health issues, and there were a few family emergencies that required cross country travel. Now, I’ve got absolutely no savings to my name and I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

2012 is my chance for a fresh start. I’m challenging myself to cut back on expenses, make a little extra money, add to my savings, but still enjoy the things I love, like fashion and food. This blog will be a record of my efforts, including successes and failures, and hopefully connect me to a community to exchange ideas with.



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