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Freecycle for the Win

As part of my spending less campaign, I signed up for my local Freecycle listserv a few months ago. Apparently one of the most popular items is canning jars, as they always seem to go quickly. I’ve been canning for a few years and so I always email back as soon as I see a set posted, but I’ve never managed to receive any. But apparently there’s less competition during the holidays (it helps that this is a college town). Today I finally got a set of 12 24 oz Mason jars. Score! (Yes, I’m super lame.) Anyways, I’m excited about filling them with sauces and pickles this summer. For now, they’ll take up space in my coat closet, but they will be very useful in no time.


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Oh, Amazon

Being a grad student, a book lover, and living in a small town without any book stores, I use Amazon a LOT. I was really excited to find out that they offer a Prime Student membership, which meant for a year, I got free 2 day shipping. That year was up for me in December, and I decided to take their offer of half off a regular Prime account, which cost me $39. I guess I can cancel it, but I’m choosing to keep it, as I really like the Kindle library (free books to check out!) and their video streaming. To justify the cost, I just cancelled my Netflix membership. I figure, roughly $3.50 per month for movies, TV shows, e-books, and cheap textbooks was better than $7.99 per month for just the movies and TV shows.

Total cut back per month:


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The Mission Statement

Not surprisingly, I’m a grad student and I’m on a budget! After finish my undergraduate degree, I went to work and got accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle: free time, spending money. I certainly wasn’t lavish, but I rarely said no to evenings out with friends or the chance to travel, and never bothered to put much into savings.

Then I went back to school, and managed to run through all of my savings in the first year alone. While I thought about cutting back, it was hard to change habits. In early summer 2011, I realized most of my savings account was gone. Then, in the last 6 months, my aging car decided to break down a few times, I had some health issues, and there were a few family emergencies that required cross country travel. Now, I’ve got absolutely no savings to my name and I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

2012 is my chance for a fresh start. I’m challenging myself to cut back on expenses, make a little extra money, add to my savings, but still enjoy the things I love, like fashion and food. This blog will be a record of my efforts, including successes and failures, and hopefully connect me to a community to exchange ideas with.


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